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Poster: squish7 Date: Sep 21, 2011 5:05pm
Forum: general Subject: legal / copyright

Hi I noticed there was a legal section but no way to post messages there(?)... Anyway I've always wondered about this site and had this question for awhile... How powerful in a court of law regarding a copyright lawsuit would it be to use this archive as reference that such-and-such paper or image existed at such-and-such time. Yes yes, I know the best way to do things is to register your work with a copyright office (e.g. the US copyright office), but do note that a work is automatically copyrighted the moment it's formed into a tangible medium (paper, tape, file, etc.), or at least, under US law.

This one and only condition for constituting copyright--even though solid methods exists for people not poor as dirt--automatically puts forth the idea of presenting as evidence whatever medium(s) a work has been documented in if a copyright is challenged. This site seems reputable enough to let that digital-medium evidence have weight, but I was hoping people might have some details or thoughts on this. I create a great deal of art and am involved in various eclectic creative projects, so it would be nice to know there's at least some minimal protection out there.

I "publish" material on a day-to-day basis to the web, considering it my unofficial official publishing means, too frequently to register everything I do that often. Thanks for your help.